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Here at Mach 10, we have a fully equipped workshop and we prioritise delivering a fast and quality service.

To book your bike in for a repair, please call us on 07543619666, or send us an email at

Standard Service

-Index gears and replace cable if necessary.

-Lube drive train

-True and tension both wheels

-New parts fitted



Full Service

-Standard Service

-Degrease drivetrain

-Cables replaced regardless of condition.

-Inspect brakes and bleed if they are spongy, sticky etc.

-Headset examined and regreased/cleaned. Cables routed via headset are charged £30 more.

-New parts are fitted.



For enquiries about cost of specific repairs, please call us.

Approximate price for common repairs

-Fit tube £10

-Set up tubeless £15

-Brake bleed £25

-Gear tune £15

-True wheel £10

-Frame bearings £100 (inc bearings)

-Fork lowers service £60 (inc seals)

Please note: Costs may vary depending on the job.

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